Thursday, April 05, 2007

EXTRA! EXTRA! This just in!!!

Guess who makes a cameo in the Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration "GRINDHOUSE"????

I'll give you some hints. Here are some famous quotes this very wealthy and very funny man has said:

“Robby Gordon has a tremendous amount of talent, but when he pulls the helmet over his head, he knocks some sort of switch that makes him an idiot.”

“I gave Robby an unlimited budget
for Indy and he managed to exceed that.”

“"In racing you've got to be pretty, and some of these guys you can't dress 'em up, Sponcers want someone "that can juke and jive. He has to go to into the boardroom and talk to the people. There are a lot of drivers out there today, their career is pretty much history because they have no marketability."
You can't make 'em pretty. You can't drink 'em pretty, either. The difference between a 1 and a 10 is a light switch away, well that doesn't work with a race car driver. You can't turn the lights out."”

"Life is like a sandwich of sh*t and everyday you take a bite.”

“In business I want to be a pig because pigs get fatter and hogs gets slaughtered.”

Still can't guess? His character's name is "Dr. Felix". He's Cuban. And he's a nut.

Tarantino says he wants to put Carl Edwards in a movie. Fuck that shit. Felix Sabates is the man.

If any of you could pick two NASCAR drivers that you think would be COOL in a Tarantino or Rodriguez movie, I'd love to know who they might be.

When I first presented this hypothetical situation to Cec, we both immediately thought the same thing: Ward Burton doing a cameo as a gas station attendent. And we mean that with nothing but love.


Anonymous rankin' rob said...

I'm telling you. Mikey is the perfect gimp.

I think Junior would do pretty well also. He's pretty good in that Budweiser-Mad Max parody.

11:35 AM  
Blogger RevJim said...

Tony Stewart seems to be a natural at acting, notice that he does more with his delivery than just read the lines. I could see him in a Rodriguez movie. "Once Upon A Time in Indiana."

1:49 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

I think Fatback McSwain would make a cool gimp, but a better zombie-- them dark circles under his eyes. Bless his heart, he looks like Uncle Fester.

Good one, Rev Jim! "Once Upon a Time in Indiana"! Heh. Man, I lived there for a number of years, that'd HAVE to be a horror movie. I swear to God there's a secret government nuclear waste dump under that state. People just ain't right there.

7:44 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

I think Mikey missed the casting call for "To Wong Fu, Love Julie Newmar" or "Priscella, Queen of the Desert".

7:46 PM  
Blogger ABAT said...

Funnily enough Fatback McSwain popped straight into my head as well. My first vote would have to go with Jimmy Spencer though. In a Deliverance/Southern Comfort kinda groove with a Ry Cooder swamp slide and a "squeal like a pig" shit-eatin' grin he'd be kinda scary.
My other pick (an' this is probably considered cheatin') is an NHRA driver. My all-time favourite movies are the Good, the Bad, the Ugly kinda sweaty cowboy Peckinpah shoot em up, close ups on sweaty banditos with twitchin' eyes and snarly lips. Gary Scelzi - he's already proven he can grow the mo.

Honourable mention to Mikey, but in a Rocky Horror Picture Show transexual outfit - maybe with ol' DW as his Igor.

8:08 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

LMFAO!!! As long as we've gone that far, is it just me, or is John Force like the Gary Busey of racing?

Man, that guy is TAH-WEEEEEKT!!!!!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous rankin' rob said...

Erin Crocker as the girlfriend...

8:22 PM  
Blogger ABAT said...

I am CONVINCED John Force is wearing dentures, not that that's a big deal - so do I. It's just they're the ONLY part of him that looks THAT clean in a post-race interview. Do they drag him out the back of his car by his ankle after a race?

9:32 PM  
Blogger ABAT said...

Don't get me wrong John Force is a legend to me. He gives us hope.
He's kinda like the Ron Jeremy of drag racing. Over a long career he's pretty much done 'em all. Hell, he'd even race my granma.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Racefan57 said...

I have to go with Kenny Wallace in a cameo as the freaked out muscle car driver in Tarantino's "Death Proof"

Glad you're feeling better Dixie

5:47 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Thanks so much RaceFan57- but COME THE FUCK ON ARE YA KIDDIN' ME??????

I'm sorry, Bud, I love ya to death, but you just cannot compare Herman to Snake Fucking Pliskin.

Dude. That ain't right. :)

(and I mean that in a real good-natured, givin' ya shit kinda way...)

As for Erin Crocker as "The Girlfriend"? Heee heee! Love ya, Rob. Whose girlfriend? Buffy Waltrip's?

The second Evernham dumps Erin, she'll remember she's a dyke. You watch.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Racefan57 said...

mornin Dixie...I knew I'd get a rise outa that one...

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Jay said...

The best things always end too soon. It's taken me 2 days to even believe it.

Jason Isbell has left the band.

10:43 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Yeah, Jay, we're very sorry that he won't be with them. We love Jason very much. But look at it this way: Now we'll have TWO great bands to be fans of.

It's like deconstructing a Reese's cup.

Or something.

I don't know if he ever did it, but Jason told me he was working on a racing song a couple years back...

7:04 AM  

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