Thursday, April 05, 2007

For Our Friends Down Under

First off boys...(and let's face it, there ain't no girls reading here, it's just you and me, guys...) ...thanks to each and every one of you for the sympathy for me feeling crappy & all. I really appreciate it. I'm not big on pity parties, although I do love to say, "Patty Petty Pity Party" - meaning NO OFFENSE WHATSOEVER to the Petty Family, who totally kick ass in every way. It's just fun to say "Patty Petty Pity Party". Try it out loud one time.


I'm taking time off from NASCAR to pay homage to our new friend and common tater from New Zealand, ABAT a.k.a. Alastair, who is an amazing artist - I'll link to his dink real soon so y'all can see. And also to another like-minded bubba from Australia, that being Clinton Walker who wrote a little book we all need to seek out, titled: Golden Miles: Sex, Speed and the Australian Muscle Car by Clinton Walker.

It's funny how we meet folks around here. A lotta times it's through Cecil's artwork that he does for the world's greatest rock band, The Drive-by Truckers, So imagine our surprise when Mr. Walker contacted us from Australia, looking to buy a print or so from . For those of you who haven't "wiki'd" Clint yet, among his many accomplishments, he is the premiere chronicler of Australian rock music.

Which both Cecil and I have had a great interest in, since the early days of Nick Cave's fledgeling band The Boys Next Door to AC/DC and all in between.

But it was The Golden Miles title that really caught my fancy. So here's to our new friends on both sides of the equator. Muscle cars is muscle cars. There's gearheads everywhere. Rednecks, too!!

Part of this misguiding meandering is based on me having a fucking GIANT HARD ON (figuratively -- as far as any of y'all know...) for the upcoming movie Grindhouse, which claims to have the greatest car chase scenes since Bullitt, Maybe. I've seen some of the previews, and it looks AWESOME.


Anonymous rankin' rob said...

Hal Needham pulled off a few classic car chases too, Dixie. When I was a lad, Burt Reynolds at the peak of his manly powers was all over ATL hauling ass in that Smokey Furbird. Glad you are back up to par.

8:49 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Who said I was up to par? I still feel like home made shit. But looking at pictures of half naked girls, motorcycles, muscle cars and monkeys smoking cigars ALWAYS makes me feel better!!

Not to mention this "charity" Harvick has going on to "Wax Smoke". I'll chip in $5. bucks.

Cecil said if he was a gozillionaire, he'd donate a million bucks for them to Wax Smoke from the waist down. ALL OF IT.


9:14 AM  
Blogger ABAT said...

Dixie, you have bought a tear to my eye and I'm just struttin' with pride.
A lovely comment on a page that also mentions Tony Stewart, Wes Freed and Drive By Truckers - kick ass artists all. Not only that but a monkey riding a greyhound - in a 20 shirt no less! Could life get any better? I love monkeys!
Hell, there's even a picture of a smokin' XY Falcon (351C, shaker hood - ultimate OZ muscle).
Thank you Dixie, you have made my Easter.
Take care, hope you do get to feelin' better soon.

7:29 PM  

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