Sunday, April 01, 2007

Truckity, Truckity, Truckity, Boys, Can We Please FINALLY Put DW in a Home?

Really. Since the Truck Race was on FOX today, the 86'd Mikey and put in D.W., who, I swear, gets more heavily medicated every year, and he starts the race with "Truckity, truckity, truckity, boys - let's go tailgatin' !!!"

Fuck man. Maybe Mikey isn't the gay one after all. Phhhhhfffftttt! Let's all donate a buncha money to the Christian Network and see if they can't pay DW enough to be on their channel all the time so we can put somebody else in his spot for racing, cuz we're about all the way over old DW.

Bless his heart. He's gotta go.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: Was performed so, so beautifully by The Martinsville Jazz Brass Band. Five boys that played such a beautiful, perfect, respectful arrangement it brought tears to my eyes. I'm not jokin'. Cecil loved it, too. We both prefer bands performing The Star Spangled Banner, but sometimes they get a little weird or ambitious with the arrangements, but these young men nailed it.

FIVE OUT OF FOUR STARS nice job, boys.

THE COMMAND Was given by Christian Anderson, who was about a goofy, Napoleon Dynamite lookin' kid, but God Damn if he didn't give the best command we've heard all fucking year. He actually did it a whole lot like Adam Sandler did a couple years back - which was way fun and cool and loud and great - so:

FOUR STARS from everyone at Willard's Garage. Way to go, kid. You're a super freak. Super freak.


Blogger Racefan57 said...

funny Dixie...always get a laugh outa me..thanks

7:25 AM  
Anonymous oldetype said...

I almost missed hearing boogity when dubya started screaming truckity...I've moved!

8:46 AM  
Blogger RevJim said...

I felt physical pain when DW said that. "Boogity,"etc was spontaneous when it first happened, after that it was all scripted. Love your posts.

2:17 PM  

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