Thursday, April 05, 2007

PS- One More for NASCAR in Australia-Shave That Monkey & Teach it to Hunt...

"....He Has a Monkey..." by Wes Freed 2005

Round about 2005 me 'n' Cecil decided we didn't hate Tony Stewart all that much after all. He kinda grew on us. Like back hair.

Usually Cecil is so busy painting pictures for other folks, he don't have time to do something fun for me, but I begged him to do a painting of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart's Patas monkey, Mojo riding a greyhound dog. Cuz, yanno, that's funny, I don't care who ya are. Monkey ridin' a dog- that's funny. Smoking a cigar woulda been better, but we didn't know if that would fly with all the PETA folks...

Like we give a butt flying monkey's fuck.

Anywhooziedoodles - Cec made the painting, and it sat around the house for AGES!!! Nobody wanted the damn thing. Oh sure, we had hundreds of inquiries, but nobody actually bought it.

Until we got a letter from this sweet gal in where????? you ask? That'd be your Australia. Seems her little boy loves animals, rescues greyhounds (just like Smoke), and he loves him a monkey. So we sold "He Has a Monkey" to this lovely family in... Brisbane, I think....

Turns out, too, that they'd never heard of Tony Stewart, but now they know. And they got a painting of a little monkey with an orange #20 shirt on, racing a greyhound. All's well that ends well.


Blogger RevJim said...

I like that painting. I probably couldn't afford it, but I'm glad you sold it to somebody. It's pretty cool. NASCAR is catching on in Australia, thanks to you and Marcus Ambrose. I guess Aaron Fyke did some driving in NZ and Australia, because he also has some fans down under, probably more than he has in the USA

1:46 PM  
Blogger ABAT said...

Now that's art! I've always wanted a monkey, but had to settle for a dog.
I think JJ Yeley did some sprint cars down here a few years ago. Jeff Gordon was here many years ago too. The World of Outlaws visits are pretty huge here in NZ.

8:18 PM  

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