Friday, April 13, 2007

Get Angry.

Since qualifying was rained/tornadoed out today, I thought I'd share another awesome band with y'all. Allow me to introduce you to Angry Johnny & the Killbillies . They played here in Richmond last night and totally kicked my ass, emotionally, mentally and physically. They always do. And I love every minute of it.

Besides being America's Greatest Living Murder Balladeer, Angry is also an amazing and prolific artist. And a dear friend of the boys here at Willard's Garage, as are the rest of The Killbillies, who are also big racing fans. We always enjoy getting to the club early so we can gossip about the latest NASCAR hoop-de-doos with drummer extraordinaire, Sal Vega and bassist Jimmy Rat Fink. or sometimes bassist, Slabs, or other bassist, Loud Ernie. (Loud Ernie's by the way, recording one of the other greatest racing songs ever with his band Broker . It is simply titled, "Stock Car Racing", and it kicks as much ass as Loud Ernie does. Which is a lot.

And I would be remiss in failing to tell you that the lead instrumentalist, Goatis T. Ovenrude, does shit with a mandolin that you just have to see to believe. People, he can play traditional bluegrass mando just fine, but when needed (and it often is needed....), he makes that fucking thing sound just like Neil Young's Old Black Gibson. Like a goddam Hurricane - no shit. He blows EVERYBODY'S minds. He once won a guitar playing contest in North Carolina - playing the fucking mandolin. You heard me. Goatis went up against about a thousand of the most rockin' guitar slingers in the Mid-East and came out Winner and Champeen using a fucking mandolin. Just think about that for a minute. The kid can jam.

So y'all check out Angry while Aint Dixie takes another nap, Cecil's been nursing me back to health all day, but it's been an uphill battle.... I'll see y'all after the Busch Race tomorrow (if it happens). Meanwhile:



Anonymous rankin' rob said...

"Stock Car Sin" by the Swimming Pool Qs.

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