Monday, March 12, 2007

The Other End of Vegas

Sheesh. I'm beat. Took a nap after the race. Thought I'd do another slap dash dealio here and just rehash as I recall it it, without reviewing the tape and all, cuz.... what the hell? Ward got taken out by Robby Reckum Gordon on lap 3 and Jimmie Johnson won, so who fuckin' cares, right?

Ward was unusually kind in the post wreck interview, saying "damn" and "hell" when appropriate, but complementing Robby on his driving skills, and implying that Robby seems to suffer from a lack of oxygen after he puts his helmet on, and that he might be suffering from a lack of clear thinking. Nicely played, Ward. The little gay ESPN common tater called it, "Classic Ward Burton", and heralded Ward's return to Cup racing.

THE INVOCATION: Kenny Farmer again. Nice job, Kenny. He praised Baby Jesus for the Neon Garage in Las Vegas.

THE ANTHEM: Was done by some little girl who is the lead soprano in the Vegas production of "Phantom of the Opera" and she had a sorta high roof to her mouth. She did it nice and straight. Nothing special, but no complaints. Me 'n' Cecil figure Vegas is the place for NASCAR to really cheese it up & clown around, so we were hoping for Robert Goulet again. He sang a lounge version of our National Anthem a couple years back that was so over the top it had Mark Martin leaning on his car, shoulders heaving with laughter. And that was "the old Mark Martin". You know, Eyore.

Anyhow, we'll give Miss Phantom TWO AND A HALF STARS WTF?

THE FLYOVER: 5, count 'em, 5!!! Thunderbirds! Gawd I love those things!!!! Yeeeehaw! No credits given on screen or on air - Can anyone tell us why one of the five planes dove down and the remaining four shot straight up & hot dogged? Was that a variation on a missing man formation or something?

THE COMMAND: This guy was not credited in any way either, other than Robin Leach announcing him and who he was. Some managerial hotshot with Daimler-Chrysler. He didn't belt it out to my satisfaction, but he was authoritative enough, so we'll give him a couple stars and I won't gripe about him.


So enough of that noise. Now, for the griping. We're pretty pleased with our new Sirius radio deal -- BUT!!!! , they cut off the re-airing of Mojo's racing show (at about 4am) to put Tony Stewart's show on - and Mojo was right about to interview Jeff Burton- or so he said.

Pissed us off!! Goddam Sirius didn't say on their website that Mojo would air AFTER the Busch Race, instead of the prescribed 3-6pm, so I went to bed for a few hours. THEN, they cut him off on the re-airing.

I will say this for Sirius - they got 10 driver-crew-spotter channels to listen to during the race - using the GOOD announcers like Jerry Punch and John Roberts, and anytime - even during commercials - that a driver, spotter or crew chief is talking, they bust in so you can hear it.

Now we know why Hay-Pee is picking up on Redneck talk so quick - his spotter is about Southern and he never shuts up, either. Hay-Pee don't say much, but his spotter is TALK-EEEEEEEE.


Anonymous rankin' rob said...

They ran some of the Hay-Pee-Spotter jive during the Fox broadcast also. If JPM stays around a couple of years he's going to end up sounding like he's from Kannapolis. Mark my words.

Ward and Casey Mears got hosed by Robbie Gordon. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some payback come Bristol and Martinsville.

9:54 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

I doubt Ward will retaliate - first of all, he actually had kind words for Robby AFTER Robby ruined his first Cup start of the year. Second, Ward knows his team can't afford to be fixing race cars he wrecks out of vengefulness.

Casey Mears, on the other hand.... that's not really like him to do that, but at least he has Hendrick money, labor & cars to back up something like that.

But poor, poor Casey, all the same, in that jinxed 25 car. He's fucked.

In the past years, everyone in the Hendricks camp always preached how all things were equal in their garages, and nobody got "better anything" than anyone else.

Oh yeah? Put Jimmie Johnson & Chad Knaus in that 25 car for a year, and Mears in the 48 & lets see what happens....

I know that's not possible & why, just sayin'.

The car is jinxed. Is it the Tim Richmond curse, or was it cursed before him?

3:13 PM  
Anonymous rankin' rob said...

Speaking of cursed, what about poor Dave Blaney? He would probably make The Chase if he could get on a team with good equipment and get the fuckin' monkey paw out from underneath the driver's seat. No luck whatsoever.

8:28 AM  
Blogger racefan57 said...

hello from the northeast luv your blog...mad me laugh

stop by sometime

4:16 PM  

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