Monday, October 09, 2006

Talladega College Choir - John Deere 250

I haven't watched this yet, so don't go telling me who won. Or any other spoilers, for that matter. Please. I was thinking I might wait to post the critiques until after Cecil got home from Talladega so he could chime in, but what they hey? He can leave comments. (See how I do him?)

INVOCATION: Reverend Tim Farley, Alabama Raceway Ministries. Rev. Farley did a nice job. Short, no embellishing, but it is Talladega after all, so he did put an extra emphasis on asking the Lord to keep everyone safe. He had a nice accent.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: performed by The Talladega College Choir.

This was wonderful. Six young black people - I couldn't tell if there were two or three girls - it sounded like two. A nice strong alto and an operatic (but not annoyingly so) soprano. I wish I knew more about chorale music, as the particular arrangement they used must surely be a certain style - but I got nothin'. It sounded very "Ivy League" to me. The sort of arrangement you'd imagine coming from a group of sweater clad Harvard students, while standing on a pristine lawn in front of the Student Union.

The vocals were beautifully balanced - nobody trying to upstage anyone else, it was very moving. If any wrong notes were hit, I certainly didn't hear them. And I replayed it three times.

FOUR STARS from Dixie.

THE COMMAND: Product Promotions Manager for the John Deere Company, Dan Walls.
Dan Walls had some balls. And a nice Southern accent, too. Normally I do not approve of the Grand Marshall taking liberties with the command - you know giving shout outs to his buds, or just embellishing foolishly like President Bush did that one time - but I forgive old Dan Walls for saying, "On behalf of John Deere, our dealers and customers...." because when he said "DRIVERS!!! START! YER! ENGINES!!!!!!!!!!", by God he meant it.

Fuckin' finally - a corporate dude with some nads.


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