Monday, September 18, 2006

Go Johnny, Go! -Craftsman Truck Series Sylvania 200, Loudon, N.H.

Johnny Benson. A really nice guy.

I know I've said it about a gozillion times, but I love Johnny Benson. He seems like such a nice guy. So it was nice to see him win yet again Saturday in Loudon, N.H. at the Sylvania 200. He's got a hot streak going, and it does our hearts good to see him in Victory Lane for the .... what is it? fourth? time this year. Congrats, Johnny Benson!!! It's been a long time coming and well deserved.

THE INVOCATION: Reverend David Dodge of Stratton Community Church. (Sorry if I've misspelled his or his church's name, as usual TNT laid down on us again - all weekend long- as far as crediting this, that and the other thing. ) Rev. Dodge did a nice job. Kind of a Unitarian approach. He didn't do anything memorable, just got the job done.

THE FLYOVER; If there was one, nobody told us.

OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM: Performed by Jerilyn Sawyer of Bergo, R.I. (again, sorry if I got her name wrong, but no credits were given.) At her best, I thought she sounded like Chrystal Gayle. She did a fairly straight rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner", but as so many with a limited range do, she deliberately started a little bit too low and didn't have quite enough diaphragm to back up the first couple of lines, although she had a nice alto once she got enough air to back up the notes. She plugged along nicely using her country (without sounding too country) singer voice until she had to hit that high note on "free", where she resorted to her "church voice". I find that disconcerting, but 80% of the lady singers do it, so.... shrug... whaddaya gonna do? I'd rather hear that than somebody straining to hit a flat note while the veins bulge out in their foreheads and the tendons in their necks threaten to snap.

Cecil thought she did a nice enough job and gives her THREE STARS, without comment.

I'll give her TWO AND A HALF STARS. She didn't offend me, but she just didn't make me feel the love of my country.

THE COMMAND: Joe Digesa, Director of Brand Strategy for Osram Sylvania. Heh. With a title like that, you already know he's gonna suck. My favorite part was the guy who announced him. He got hung up on his last name and it sounded more like a violent sneeze than somebody's surname. He commanded the drivers at the behest of his company, with "On behalf of Sylvania, drivers, start your engines!". No shouting, but he had more energy than the last four guys who tried it (which ain't sayin' much....), he seemed fairly excited, but not like he was accustomed to being excited in front of a large group of people.

Cecil said his command may as well have been, "Todd, take out the trash." But Todd's not gonna do it. Todd's gonna let it sit while flies collect around it until his mother commands his father to take out the trash. Which he will do, because he knows she means business."


Anonymous rankin' rob said...

Todd's such an ungrateful bastard. Let's ditch him before we get to Talladega, let him find his own way home from Pell City.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. What about Dover?

11:27 AM  

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