Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Manifold Destiny: Mojo Nixon Gets a Sirius Satellite Racin' Show

Y'all know who the guy on the left is?

No, Stoopie! It's the real Mr. Excitement, Mojo Nixon .

And guess what, brothers and sisters? Now, on top of his infamous Lyin' Cocksuckers radio show, we have the higher octane NASCAR version of Mr. Nixon's radio endeavors. A new racin' show for Mojo on Sirius Satellite Radio - which I'm signing up for because, and ONLY because, Mojo Nixon has a racin' radio show there.

If the Good Lord is gonna force me to finish all my laps on this mortal coil, I'd just as soon be riding shotgun with Mojo Nixon. 3pm-6pm Eastern, every Saturday on Sirius NASCAR 128.

He's calls it Manifold Destiny .


Hey, Premiere Pussies? Clear Channel Chicken Smokers (not you, Rob) ? Fuck ALL Y'ALL!!! We got our Mojo back, folks! Danville in the house!

For you non-NASCAR fans? Time to join in, Mojo is leading the parade now, and you don't want to miss this shit. Elvis is Everywhere (except in Lisa Marie, apparently, who does not care for the roundy-round. I suspect it's a disease she caught from that lame-command-givin', F-1 lovin' freak Nicholas Cage during their brief stint together...) -and now Mojo is bringing the Joy back to Muddville.

More details from Aint Dixie later. I need to stock up on some white cross and PBR if Mojo is gonna be driving the pace car for this bitch now.

Hal-A-Fucking-Loo-Ya is all.

Or to quote Gomer Pyle, "Yer a fool, Otis. This is gunna be fun!"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicholas Coppola Cage was abysmal with the command Sunday. What is it with people? Don't they understand how exciting that moment should be? He did the command as a brooding gay action hero. Feh.

I ain't smoking no chickens...

4:24 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

I left you out of the chicken smoker pack - that was clear. (and obvious to anyone who knows you!! )

You're "Da Man", Rankin' Rob, but you sure ain't "The Man". And that's a good thing.

As for Cage - that fuckin' Johnny Cash wannabe in his black suit & hat and bein' all proud of bein' from California and then fuckin' whispering the command like some kinda sissy butt from Elia Kazan's School of Lame Acting made me wanna puke.

Matthew McConaughy may be a Texas Fruit Loop but that guy knew how to say "Gentlemen Start Your Engines!"

Nick Cage can suck my dick. I will never laugh at Raising Arizona again.

Man he sucked. He sucked so bad The Terrorists Won.

4:38 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

One more Mojo comment - then I need a nap.

How fortuitous was it that I found out about his racin' show just now? Just last week I was trying to convince Uncle Fecal that Hermie Sadler looked like a (very) young Mojo Nixon.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to recall seeing Hermie with a microphone in his hand during the off season, is he working full time as a reporter now?

1:50 AM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Hey Jay! I don't know what Hermie's plans are as far as doing any driving, and I'm too lazy to check Jayski. He did a fair amount of common-tater-ing in the truck & Busch series last year, and he's been on a lot of the SPEED shows so far this season.

And it appears he'll be assigned to cover one driver a week for the Direct TV deal where you can ride with a certain driver, hear all the radio transmissions, etc... (We got that - it's kinda fun!)

I think he's still involved with that pro-wrasslin' deal, too. Hermie's a busy, busy man!!!

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a treat to find yer blog here. I can only encourage ya to keep on keepin' on. Praise ol' Mojo and it's great to see and hear him these days, much as it was decades ago when I first stumbled upon he and Skid. Thanks again chickadee.

8:03 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Saaaaaaaaaayyyy.... Marshall Teague the stock car driver?! Shut up! For real? I thought you died years ago, Holy Pete, good to hear from you!!

Or wait - are you Marshall Teague the actor?

Or somebody jes pretendin' to be one or the other Marshall Teague?

Whatever the case may be, any fan of Mojo is jake by me, so glad you found your way to Willard's Garage, "Marshall"!!

Hogs and quiches,
Big Dix

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing, but my grandpappy's name was Jake and he was the best man I have ever known, or met since. But to answer yer question there chickadee, this here handle is just a tribute to one of the greatest drivers bootleggin' and "nascar" has ever seen. So yep, it would be in acknowledgement to the driver, not the actor.


7:23 AM  
Anonymous oz_man said...

i"m a big fan of MANIFOLD DESTINY,I loved the ? posed by MOJO last night.I say you compare the years where they raced together about 10 of them.Dale beats him,but you compare the 6 good years,they are dead even.but as a whole carreer RICHARD IS KING!

4:18 PM  

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