Sunday, October 29, 2006

Truck Race, Atlanta Motor Speedway - Mark Wills

THE INVOCATION: Was given by Rev. John Dewberry of the Community Bible Fellowship Church. We liked him, he's an older black gentleman with a lovely speaking voice that doesn't sound preachy at all, just sincerely thankful and humble in his need for Blessings to bestow upon himself and everyone else within earshot. He seemed just a tad nervous, and skipped over a line that had to do with "a vast" something or other. Or maybe he's a Pirate and was saying "Avast!". Whatever that means.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: Mark Wills, Equity Group Recording Artists. He had a distinct country flavor to his voice, but he sang the song pretty straight, with only a small amount of hillbilly warbling, but he trilled so quickly that it wasn't annoying. Cecil said, "I doubt Mr. Wills is kin to either Bob or Chill , but that's neither here nor there. He did a right smart job, he done his best and didn't get selfish so I give him 3.75, and if he is kin to B. or C., then you know that didn't influence this score of his performance."
THREE STARS from Dixie

THE FLYOVER: 4 F-18s , VFMA 142, "The Flying Gators" - Atlanta, Georgia. Very cool.

THE COMMAND: was given by some gal named Jan Baldwin "and family". No mention of who the hell she was or why they were there, but they were WEAK. She, her husband, her teenage son and a younger boy bleated the command in a pathetic fashion. I'd love to know why the hell they were there, and they probably would too. They seemed lost. Cecil said, "The family that starts trucks together, sucks together."

NO STARS. you sucked.


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