Sunday, October 22, 2006

Craftsman Truck Kroger 200-Martinsville

PS- it just dawned on me that if Jr. wins the Championship they might just play Drive-by Truckers's song "Daddy's Cup" afterwards. FOX used the song briefly while showing a few shots of Jr. last year on thier "sign off" show.

Ho me. I am so uninspired. What with our boy Ward making the Big Race, you think I'd be all wound up, but you know what a whiney baby I am. I been sick & tired lately & can't get my shit together. Tomorrow's gonna rock, though. If it don't get rained out.

And I hate to say it out loud even, but please - anyone flying tomorrow? Please fly safe.

On to the Truck Race.

THE INVOCATION: John Fox, Raceway Ministries. He's gotta be Protestant. Very nice, somewhat somber, not overly wordy, but wordy enough to ask God to make sure everyone played nice & safely too, and had a good time. 'T's about it. Okay.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: The Martinsville High School Jazz Combo.

I have to admit, I got a tad nervous when I heard "jazz" mentioned. Made me think of the Andy Griffith Show when Anj coerced Bobby Fleet and His Band With a Beat to sit in with the Mayberry Band so they'd sound good enough to go to The State Fair. Or sumpin'. In that episode Anj had to tell one of Bobby Fleet's musicians to play "Stars and Stripes Forever" more "straight", and the goateed, beatnick cornet player replied, "Man, I thought I was playin' it straight. In fact, I thought it was kinda quaint...."

But no worries, these five boys ( three bones and two cornets or trumpets, I'm not sure which - looked more like cornets, though...) played it plenty straight and hit all the notes just fine. So we're good.

FOUR STARS from Willard's Garage, kids!! See ya at VCU. Or Berkely. Or in Bobby Fleet's band....

NO FLYOVER: More's the pity.

THE COMMAND: Karen Wheeler, administrative something or other for Kroger.

Karen broke my big rule, she got thanky & talky. She said, "On behalf of Kroger and all our great people, ...."

sigh. Why, Karen? Why?

But she smiled and hollered in a beatifically rednecky drawl, "Drivers!!! Start yer engines!!!!!!!!!!!!" and damn if she didn't seem like a genuine race fan. So we won't dock her too much. She still beat the fuck outta most all the corporate men.

THREE STARS from Willard's Garage.



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