Saturday, December 26, 2009

Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings prints , ARE HERE!!!

These are a couple of Christmas commissions, so the originals are spoken for . BUT , I'm having prints made , in the giclee
process( same as Monument Valley prints ). They will be LTD. Editions , of 50 each . $65 includes (US) shipping, in a tube.
The prints are here , signed & numbered & ready for love. Have at it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Amsterdam , again...

Some days the magic works , some days it doesn't . For whatever reasons , the deal fell through on the original artwork for the
Amsterdam Paradiso show . There was a lot of interest in this piece ( everbody LOVES them some Amsterdamn),
so if you missed it on the first go 'round , here's a second chance . Still looks the same , still $1100.
Holler at us at if you're interested .

Happy Midwinters Day !

from all your friends at Willards Garage.
Also , best wishes for a swell Christmas , and a joyously
debauched new year !
Feliz Navidad , y anno nueva!