Monday, June 22, 2009

Metallic KO

Just finished this piece , on an uncomfortable hunk of metal thats been seasoning out back .
''Why would Aliens visit our world anyway ? ''
Foolish human ! They are after half nekkid Hillbilly chicks in tricked out convertibles !
The Night Owl Knows!
Wierd Moon story's no#13 Saucer Folk
16''x12''x3''(deep) $600,U.S

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hang the Moon

I've been makin ' a few of these for our friends kids , and thought , maybe I'd put them up here to see if anyone else was interested . This one is 18'' ( thats INCHES Spinal Tap fans ) in diameter , and 
thats about the size they'll all be , unless someone wants one bigger , or smaller , of course.
They are plywood , ( half inch) painted & waxed like the acrylic on wood paintings .
And they will be $150 , and made to order ( I ain't gonna be settin' on a whole pile of these
things , I'm one at a timin' it here , not mass producin...) . So here it is , at least cats dig it .
Oh , &
they have an eye hook to hang 'em high ...

UPDATE ,Medicine Hat 2 SOLD

Sorry it took so long to post that to this spot , which is for keeping the Page O' Freed 
current. In spite of my shortcomings I shall endeavor to persevere ! halla lu ja, Hey!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Desert Witch Tequila , done.

Here is Desert Witch Tequila , just waxed this afternoon . Acrylic on wood 
12''x21'' , $800 . I wish I had more of this particular wood , because it aged
beautifully , and when sanded & waxed looks really cool.