Monday, April 27, 2009


The original painting is no longer available , but i made some prints of this . 12''x18'', $65

are here...

The Wide Open T-shirt is now available in black, $20. Also, the We Don't Lone Tools design is available in a Baby-doll design,
also $20.

New T-Shirts!!!

Can't sleep , Clown'll Eat Me !

Jyl came up with an idee for a cat bed for Chacho, based on, but not a faithful re-production of , the bed Homer once made
for poor wee Bart ...

We's Back...

OK here's whats goin' on . I'm gonna be usin' this space to update the website( between major overhauls.Here is an
old WG watercolor that i just got around to framing. The frame is actually one of our old kitchen doors .

Willard's Is back...