Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smoke, Hay-Pee & other random thoughts.

Our good buddy and NASCAR liason Rankin' Rob came up with a couple of good ones I hadn't heard before- referring to Newman as "Ryandroid" especially tickled me. And then calling Kurt Busch "Boosh the Elder". "Boosh". Heh heh. I like it - first off, it sounds like "douche", and second it reminds me of the way hard-core Hoosiers pronounce "bush".

Just thought I'd share. We've come up with a few over the few years we've known each other, often cracking wise and riffing off of one another while making fun of various drivers. I'll have to dig through my archives to remember exactly how we came to refer to Martin Truex Jr. as Truexacoatl, but it had something to do with an hilarious scenario Rob created wherein Truex was driving under the influence of Peyote.

And speaking of things from South of the Border, did any of you catch Tony Stewart's radio show last night, where he said he loved Juan Pablo Montoya? He did clarify that it was not in the same way he "loved" Brittany Spears.

The things you find out about people when their guard is down, I swear! Cecil and I love Smoke, but after you've heard him prattle on about this and that for two hours at a time, you begin to realize he can be quite a dizzy dame when he's not careful.

I don't expect him to go all Kyle Petty on my ass and want to talk about Kierkegaard or something, but damn! Hearing him and Hay-Pee Montoya go on for 10 minutes about whether they'd fuck Brittany Spears pre-shaved head, post shaved-head, pregnant, 5 years ago, 2 years ago, 10 years from now.... that's kinda more than I want to know. And when they put Brittaney's money on the dresser, they moved on to Christina Aguilara and... dang, who was the other one? Lindsey Lohan, I think.

Sorry if I'm misspelling names here, but I stopped reading People magazine about the time I stopped going to beauty parlors. And by simply calling it a "beauty parlor", that should tell you it was a long-ass time ago. Mid '70s, or thereabouts. Before whatshisname, Vital Buffoon, had the "sa-LON" commercials.

So where was I....? Oh yeah, Smoke is kind of a shallow dope. Oh well, ya still gotta love 'im. He is what he is.

Goofy and entertaining. He and Montoya are two peas in a pod. That HayPee is one funny rascal - and English is his second language! I'll bet he's really a panic when he's speaking Columbian or whatever they speak down there.


Blogger Racefan57 said...

hey Dixie!! Ryanoid!! ha ha but the Boosh has it.

boys will be boys no matter how big their toys

5:37 AM  
Anonymous rankin' rob said...

I think Cecil actually came up with Truexacoatl. I'm the one who suggested that he was a character out of a Castaneda book who could drive with his eyes closed because he could see through his eyelids. Or something. He's actually been running good lately, Truexacoatl. I wonder if he will prosper in DEI going forward, given his status as Junior's wingman.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

I loved hearing JP tell his crew chief "hell no" he wasn't going to give a spot away on pit road just to save his fenders. Can't wait to see what happens at Infineon in June.

If it wasn't for HMS winning every damn race this year, it'd be one hell of a good season so far.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous vroom said...

I love Mom use to go to "beauty parlors", the good old days!

2 hours for Smoke on the radio is about as fun as a 500 mile race...long and boring!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous rankin' rob said...

Dammit Dixie, get off your ass and write about racing some more. Dirt Late Models as the future and all that. C'mon, at least a few Indy memories.

8:57 PM  

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