Saturday, August 19, 2006

Busch Series-Carfax 250 Michigan

SHeDaisy gave their rendering of our National Anthem this afternoon. They're a female vocal (I guess) trio that hang out in the "Country" tent, although their version of The Star Spangled Banner seemed to indicate that they don't know what the hell they're trying to be. Everything, apparently. It was as if they were a white, country version of Destiny's Child trying to pull off a chorale arrangement by Jimmy Webb after he'd taken 3 hits of that really bad Bill the Cat acid. Oh yeah, and they also threw in some doo-wop stylings.

Cecil detected hints of The Lennon Sisters "only all noodley. They got more noodles than Chinese Chicken Salad."

I give them ONE STAR - only because they hit all the notes. I guess. I didn't detect any lack of harmony, but who knows which notes they were really going for?

Cecil gives ONE AND ONE HALF STARS- "They didn't forget any of the words, and they could obviously sing, which they obviously wanted everybody to know REALLY, REALLY BADLY."

FLYOVER: low key. B-25 Mitchell from Yankee Air Force Museum

THE COMMAND: by Stephen Pope, general manager of Carfax, Inc. - What a fucking pussy. They're in fucking Detroit, The Motor City!!!!!! "Start Your Engines!!!!!" should be a big damn deal. I bet that's the same voice he uses when his wife beats him.

Cecil sez: "Lame is about the only word that aptly describes it."

Hopefully everyone will have their shit together for the Cup race tomorrow.


Blogger Nick Fulmer said...

SheDaisy seems kind of like a Dixie Chicks alternative for the Fox News. Anyway, great blog. I notice you're a wrassler. Do you know Mickey James? She's my favorite.

6:08 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

I'm sorry to say I don't know Micky. The only "real world" wrasslers I know are Liberty and Hot Rod Andy from the POWW series from the mid 1980's - but I haven't seen "them" for years.

And may I say, it's an honor to have you posting here, Nick! My first comment and it's from a celebrity!!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to finally have this niche covered. How many times have I thought, why aren't David Denby, Robert Christgau or the ghost of Pauline Kael paying more attention to these important cultural touchstones.

Thank Jah that Willard's is on the case.

rankin' rob

7:23 PM  
Blogger Jinxy said...

This is such good shit.


9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright by god. I ain't having no freaks cracking wise at my National Anthem, especially at my sacred Nascar events. Our wonderful Amercian country music stars are doing their duty, and anybody that don't act right about it is a COMMINIST! You need to respect these moments, and I dare you to show up at the Cabbagetown Church of Nascar and genuflect at the altar of #43, the King Richard Petty.

Remus Dawson

9:21 PM  
Blogger The Dixie Butcher said...

Thank you Rankin' Rob & Mr. Jinxy.

And thank YOU, Mr. Dawson. If you reread my entry, you may notice that I'm on your side, my brother. I do not "crack wise" at our National Anthem! Nay! Sir! I speak out against those who abuse it.

I do wonder, though, what kind of a Pinko Commie Fag doesn't know that NASCAR should be all caps.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey by god. don't you insult me or my country. My capslock key has some gum on it or something. If it wasn't for patriots like me this country would be full of stinky hippys who don't respect nothing. One more smart remark and I will introduce you to my personal weapons of mass destruction - righty and lefty!
The National Anthem is the greatest song of all time, and the wonderful young new country stats of Nashville are just modernanizing it. Think you could do a better job on it than Corry Underwood? Oh hell no. I'm watching you...

Remus Dawson

8:48 AM  

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